I guess I like this random photo set of me, cause I’m showing a different expression in each one of the photos. I also was talking while the photos were being taken. 

Couple Shoot

"Love Was In The Air"

DevonLee Photography

"For Old Times’ Sake"

Models: Alexus Ward & Alison Stewart

Styled By: Manaliki Wilson

DevonLee Photography

DevonLee Photography

"You Sl-t!"

Model: Carson

DevonLee Photography 

Leila 1st Birthday

This was the first time I was asked to be the Photographer at a baby party. Pretty Fun!

DevonLee Photography

Love & Pain

This Photoset here is representing a young woman going through a tough breakup and she is afraid to face reality on her own. Tries to use drinking as here escape from the pain, 

Model: Darrian Duncan

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